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We Are A Human Agency

We help businesses understand the people element of their organisation. Whether it’s culture, diversity or growth, we craft products that get you to where you need to be.

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We believe in your greater potential! A Human Agency are focused on accelerating your development and performance. Our team have extensive experience in an outcomes-focused environment; drawing from a breadth and depth of experience.

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When you stop learning you stop growing! A Human Agency knows that the key to your business’s growth is through investing in your employees and leaders’ learning, training and development.

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HR X-Ray

Take a look under the hood to test your HR health. A healthy HR can minimise risk, lift engagement, create job satisfaction, and boost economic growth. The HR X-Ray assesses organisations against ten essential people criteria to ensure you’re on the best track for your business. Whether you’re looking for a full diagnosis or a partial; HR X-Ray can do both.

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"A-HA were a pleasure to work with and helped us meet a very tight project timeline. The support and expertise A-HA provided contributed to the success of the project and has led us to hire A-HA for a new project currently underway."

– Sally Orpin, Marketing and Communications Officer, Centre for Workplace Leadership

"Early on in our Diversity journey we looked to A-HA to provide their expertise and partner with us to help us drive the right initiatives for the right business and people outcomes."

– Kathy Mackay, Group Learning Manager, Boral Limited