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About us

A Human Agency (A-HA) was created to challenge the conventional delivery of HR in organisations of all shapes and sizes. Too many people have HR horror stories and it’s time for change. Because of this, we’re designing HR differently to improve the human experience in evolving organisations.

This is why you can purchase some of our products directly from the website now. HR shouldn't be hidden. It should have a placed to live and breathe so that everyone can participate in what works best for the organisation. 

Our products are designed to with four key areas in mind:



We create thriving employee experiences that achieve a higher performance culture and bottom line growth. Try out our People NPS engagement survey.


The case for diversity and inclusion in business has already been made; when done well, it can deliver high performance and a strong return on people. Try out our Redesigning Bias workshops.


Experience bottom line growth from looking after your people. Try out our HR X-Ray to measure your HR strength.


A connected leadership is critical in achieving KPIs and targets needed to drive a business forward. Try out our Executive Coaching and/or 360NPS survey.

By connecting a unique mix of specialist HR skills and scalable products we are able to provide a best practice solution that is right for your business imperatives whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up or a large regional organisation.   

Humans don't come as an 'one-size-fits-all'​ product, so your HR approach shouldn't either.   

Connect with us to discuss the different ways in which A-HA! can help your business realise your aspirations: