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HR X-Ray

Assess your HR maturity


HR X-Ray

Take a look under the hood to test your HR health.

A healthy HR can minimise risk, lift engagement, create job satisfaction, and boost economic growth. The HR X-Ray assesses organisations against ten essential people criteria to ensure you’re on the best track for your business.

Whether you’re looking for a full diagnosis or a partial; HR X-Ray can do both.

Our online tool allows you to work through the questions at your own time and pace to assess how mature your HR practice is. We then take your results and compare them against the hundreds of other completed results to give you a custom built report comparing you to others of similar size, location and industry to you. 

There are two reports to choose from:

  1. HR X-Ray Light - a short survey covering the basics plus report
  2. HR X-Ray Muscle - a comprehensive survey covering the entire HR maturity curve plus report

A-HA will debrief the report with you and help build up suitable and practical solutions that will advance your HR maturity. 


  • Know what you’re doing well versus your opportunities
  • Receive a report with analysis and recommendations
  • Coaching and access to a virtual HR talent pool

What happens next when you buy this product?

A-HA will call you and send you the link to complete the survey. Take your time completing it and then A-HA will compile the report for you. We will either come and visit you or we'll do a video call to debrief your results.  

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