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Conscious Inclusion Workshop

Unconscious Bias, but better


Conscious Inclusion Workshop

More than 60% of Australian executives never seek external guidance on critical business decisions. They rely on gut instinct and prior experience to inform them of the way forward.

It’s these decisions that can be fraught with bias, preventing the best outcome for your business, people, and strategy.

Identifying and addressing where bias exists in your business is critical to understand. It helps you identify risks and mitigate any unintended consequences that may be hitting your business.

Addressing bias isn’t just a benefit for diversity. It adds enormous rigour to your entire business.


  • Understand how unconscious knowledge and bias is formed through mindset, habit formation, and every day decisions
  • Explore where bias may be present in existing business processes
  • We align our content to core parts of your business, such as recruitment, innovation, performance, gender, and more so that participants can identify bias and build plans to address it as a team



Pre-work: Diversity Footprint survey

  • Great for in-tact teams to get a diversity profile of their make up
  • Participants complete a short survey and A-HA compiles a report

Delivery: Design your own workshop

  • We tend to run the session with senior leaders first, followed by their direct reports, then with in-tact teams


  • Learn about how the brain forms decisions drawing upon well known psychology tools
  • We’ll build an understanding of how thinking fast and slow can help and hinder decision making
  • Receive practical tools when dealing with bias
  • Identify key decisions within their team where bias may exist
  • Build measures to counteract a potentially biased decision
  • Develop a greater awareness of their own biases and tools on how to overcome them.

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