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Staying Connected

With people now settling into some sort of routine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we look to how can we best support leaders and team members through this for at least a few more months. While technology has enabled us to hop on line and keep working, it’s time to bring back the human element into the way we work.

One of the biggest issues facing businesses right now is how they can connect with their people online in meaningful ways. All the research & updates from resources such as Beyond Blue & Black Dog are saying that having a sense of purpose & achievement are 2 critical areas that businesses should be focusing on right now.What is often overlooked during these uncertain & anxious times is keeping up with the BAU people processes that we would normally do. These simple processes are often what connects us to the business most of all.

Are you reaching out to your people beyond the team zoom catchups or virtual coffee’s over the phone? Working remotely certainly poses some challenges for us to do this.

A-HA can assist you to navigate your way through by staying connected

A recent report has revealed almost half of Australian workers feel lonely in the workplace and it’s impacting on productivity and wellbeing. With all of us now working remotely and teams are no longer together, this will likely be exacerbated with current global issues.

Loneliness and being disconnected have significant impacts on inclusion, culture, mental health, and relationships as well as reduced engagement, productivity and a sense of achievement.

We can support businesses through these difficult times with an interactive webinarthat will;

  • Build meaningful connections & help you to establish an operating rhythm to ensure people feel part of the team, are valued and supported
  • Develop strategies to include all your employees; those that have been stood down as well as those employees who are remaining in the workplace
  • Focus on your business having an Inclusive Culture that lives and breathes your Values
  • Explore various options for flexible work practices to meet the needs of all your employees, across all roles, as well as the business.

This session is run as a 90 minute webinar (1 hour training + case studies, plus 30 min Q&A)

Pricing: $150 per person (minimum 3 people per organization)

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